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Mr. Steres, a real life hero.

My middle school teacher Mr. Steres used to have a week during the school year where he would rearrange our seats, and have us sit in a different arrangement.   I remember because we all walked into the classroom, and instead of the parallel lines of desks, he had made about eight or nine islands made up of four desks each.   On the wall there were what must have been 50 or so names.    Each name had a number on the side of it. The highest one probably being around 60 or 70 at most.   “Everyone please take a seat, where ever you like.” He instructed us, “don’t over think it.”   Once seated he took a...

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Another Day has passed.

2024 , day 24 , perhaps still business as usual.  Love is alive, yet perhaps it's misdirected.  Cease Fire.  Stop.  You're killing us.  This isn't war this is starvation. Mmm. Perhaps you feel the victim in all of this. Please, tell us how you're the victim in all of this. 

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Why A Pause?

Why a Pause? It's been a long time since I released anything on this site, and in fact the noise I'll make is very little ;) due to the fact that I've closed the Instagram, and no further clothing pieces were made since I think 2021? The short answer is, excuses. The next answer is, real life implications that changed me, both as an individual and as an artist. Those moments in life where you feel you've got all the learning to do done, then right before you know it, you are punched in the face before you even fall flat on it.  As well as other stories that I hope to be able to tell through my work and...

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