Why A Pause?

Why a Pause?

It's been a long time since I released anything on this site, and in fact the noise I'll make is very little ;) due to the fact that I've closed the Instagram, and no further clothing pieces were made since I think 2021?

The short answer is, excuses.

The next answer is, real life implications that changed me, both as an individual and as an artist.

Those moments in life where you feel you've got all the learning to do done, then right before you know it, you are punched in the face before you even fall flat on it. 

As well as other stories that I hope to be able to tell through my work and writing as well. 

I may change the Zuii... name into something more along the lines of: Joshua Mejia or idk? There's too much happening in the world for me to obsess over my self proclaimed ego and my "brand". 

If anything some "un-branding" (ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING PUN INTENDED AND IF YOU THINK THAT WAY, my Brother In Christ, please lets have coffee and break bread as to figure out this confusion and how we both got here). 

The world seems to be burning, but then again, the US-Present-Situation is basically a Doomsday Apocalypse Fear Mongering Machine of a Cult. 

And now, I genuinely don't care wether your guys are more X than the other guys. The point is that we have gone to a place where we cannot bring down humans from their own hubris and we have also given people Demigod Status and allowed them to Royally Fuck Us. 

Zuii was never supposed to be about that, it was supposed to be the equivalent of hey dude, lets make something cool together and see where that takes us, and who we can help along the way, whether that be through laughter, music, or innovation. 

Apparel is meant to be of service. However when we forego that and create apparel for the sake of a "brand" then the ability for apparel to be innovative often goes out the window. 

I think I killed Zuii before even letting it flourish several times because I felt surrounded by people who only saw what I do as a means to an end. 

I have no idea who I am, and the person I think I am is usually discredited when I see the truly magnificent work that kids and people are doing around the world through their fearless and heartfelt innovation and desire to help.  

That's what I envisioned Zuii... as. Hence the Ellipses; Nothing is Ever Finished. 

So fuck you and your Zionistic Nazi Trollery and Fuck Outta The Cave You "Came From". 

Zuii... is Love;  Zuii... is Learning. Zuii... is Tolerance. However. No one should tolerate having to live a Mediocre Life or one where the Basic Human Right to a Peaceful Life is infringed. 

If you ever feel pigeon holed, gaslit, and pushed to the point of insanity, Push Back.

Stare into the night sky and remember that they did that to you because they fear what you are, and You, are GOD.